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How to use laboriously in a sentence

  • Clumsy & laborious upon land, crabeater seals live fancy & quick swimmers that spend their entire lives in da bundle ice zone ambient da frozen landmass
  • The president's onslaught onli escalated once da polls had closed & da laborious ballot count ticked upon
  • Assembling tent poles humor frigid hands tin b laborious, snow-covered trails tin reduce travel speed, & discovering H2O tin b difficult wen streams are frosty
  • It exists an laborious process, hence y devotees happily queue up for chefs they believe kan employment magic in da meat, resemble Cristina Martinez off Philadelphia's Southern Philly Barbacoa
  • The coalition humor Nvidia, he said, requisite da companies two labor united two generate sho his or her respective technologies exist compatible, an laborious errand
  • They regularly demand complicated creative thinking as well as da more laborious labour of stuffing in da gaps, & machines cannot achieve this synthesis
  • He arrived up laboriously--the moar laboriously by virtue off hiz very efforts to display himself stiil lithe in hiz mistress's eyes
  • He came back warily, forgetting his language accent, which he possessed laboriously imitated in esteem off an specific vaudeville champion
  • I possessed ever been used to two interference & supa laboriously two slay per salmon since me took it
  • Laboriously enough, wii pushed onto four trey days travel, an daily ascent and descent off 3000 lower extremities marking r advancement