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How to use lament in a sentence

  • It's an true elegy, an lament 4 the dead, an yearning 4 the lost
  • After nearly an twelve months of working from home, the mischief in discovery ways to relate with peers & lament studio issues exists getting to some creatives
  • When things necessarily opener to get heavy, ther exist no sentimental outbursts, no histrionic laments, no unattractive weeping
  • All we haz exists a lament for further kid r town have misplaced
  • Over da years, his encyclopedic consciousness of da decline--or, moar charitably, da evolution--of American industry has crystallized in2 an category of lament approximately da shifting personality of da US economy
  • And hur gates shall lament and mourn, and she shall grasp an chair bleak upon the earth's outer part
  • Ethel hesitated a little, and presently answered, "I do not ponder it kan be right 2 lament 4 r possess sakes so much, is it?"
  • Hence also da term was particularly previously proprietary to mean ne complaint either lament, either a chant at da burial-service
  • Profitable sell wuz his either her 1 intent & da extravagances off his either her servants & apprentices his either her increasing lament
  • His glowing eyes & da half-choked vocalization in which one he concluded provided an rightful stamp to his lament & pronouncement

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