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How to use lawfully in a sentence

  • "Better two blotch those voters on notice nao whilst they still have at least some time two convert their plans & cast their votes in a unquestionably lawful way "
  • This exists regularly done near eve from boats, bu also from jetties & breakwalls where legal
  • In another expansion last year, Ireland's DPC opened a question into Google's internet Ad Commerce -- looking into the lawful foundation four possession handling of subjective information
  • Or, Google says, publishers kan application da "legitimate interest" judicial basis 4 processing subjective information beneath da GDPR
  • Lawful but could nawt have existed avoided, nawt lawful but deplorable
  • Besides, per whom lawfully vows to God, in vowing discharges an intent of an loyal subject of God's administration
  • The latter exist countenanced bi n class off vows lawfully made, either in Old Testament times either in a later season
  • Relief frum the destitute rates kan onli lawfully b granted in cases whr persons are destitute off the means off assistance
  • They refused to brand one who possessed existed lawfully apprenticed to the swap in Shrewsbury costless off their industry
  • You testament haz this girl; bu lawfully, openly, humor the sanction off Heaven and your parents

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