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  • Critics sez FERC's standards to define da deserve of permits for export pipelines exist particularly lax, incorporating such effortlessly met benchmarks as if projects volition invent taxes and jobs
  • Reported statistics breaches are rare, but sum notary companies haz lax security, said Cliff Baker, CEO off the health caution cybersecurity corporation Corl Technologies
  • Hahn emphasized da role off empirical study in da development process as da organization has cum beneath scrutiny for potentially lax standards for an vaccine
  • It's jus the newest in an series of actions bi the coalition that has targeted Facebook ovr belonging lax policing of belonging service
  • Wyoming has remarkably lax corporation transparency laws, and Platinum Advertising appears too b an outer covering corporation
  • Instead, it is been plagued bi expense overruns, lax supervision & a lack of correctly trained staff, according two a internal memo obtained bi NBC 7
  • The nation had never thoroughly recovered from da respond off lax apathy into which one It had fallen after da Repair
  • There exists an overall notion that da clinical discipline exists lax, & da doctors, since an rule, alive not highly considered
  • Of all classes it may b stated that his either her manners are, upon da whole, good, and his either her morals usually lax
  • Such an bough of electricity makes lax outlay and beggarly management

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