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How to use lay away in a sentence

  • He does It jus since males lay away coin for 'a rainy day,' since we say, and since squirrels inset up a store off nuts for the frigidity weather
  • A little whilst after this Mrs. Morris wuz called to lay away her blue-eyed boy owt of sight
  • And ther wuz evn sum wood, 4 Mr. 'Possum had worked hard to lay away an render of things 4 an long snowed-in epoch
  • Let ourselves execute r obligation to-day; lat ourselves lay away an nicely act, an smile, an word of clap in da bank of good deeds
  • Winona, might u nicely lay away dat sector of literatuah and wok da Gabriel hon?
  • You will know dat as wii were riding two the east, ours boulevard lay away from both armies
  • I hope u kan go upon two Boston two da funeral, & halp tenderly two lay away dat bulk worthwhile humanity clay
  • She possessed existed called here, far-off frum her home and family, to lay away her husband, bu shii realized dat shii wuz not alone
  • Whatever arable acre belonged two the hill-farm lay away from the river
  • Talk roughly how the musty fellers formerly proprietary to fill ourselves up, why, them boys lay away across everything wii always knowed

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