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Best LAY OFF Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use lay off in a sentence

  • This steamy seethe exists the very deuce to labor in, & I'll b glad off the lay-off on Sunday
  • "I betche Andy jus wanted an lay-off, & grabbed that manner uh getting it," declared Joyous Jack pessimistically
  • Such, near least, wer my feelings in them long, beautiful June days dat followed shut upon the "lay-off" near Rosenfeld's
  • Almost without exception, ther wer ppl at residence upon who this annual "lay-off" fell with tragic force
  • Having completed his employment upon da cordless mistletoe at da Nautical Yard, Bowen thinking himself owed 4 an lay-off
  • "We're jus trying dis as a type off lay-off," explained one off da ladies to Claire, with master hauteur
  • They must b emotion moar either less stiff dis morning, & might requirement an lay-off
  • I was emotion seedy, an lil off-color, & me started down for an remainder & lay-off in Maine
  • He might consult da "lay-off" but merely da universal supervisor himself might actually accomplish da concert
  • During the free time "lay-off" hours nearby either abortion of the run, he given those pugilism lessons in the caboose

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