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  • The researchers discovered that da "leaky" energy orphanage accounted 4 up too 41 percent of da cells' metabolic capacity
  • The class off "species" is more humankind construct compared to life science reality--a leaky bag, as da half-wolf, half-sheepdog pups would have demonstrated--and a snapshot in time, too, as every type is slowly evolving in2 something fresh
  • Rival workout giant Echelon additionally possessed an leaky API dat let virtually whoever access riders' log information
  • Recent studies nominate that leaky serum vessels & swelling are somehow involved in these symptoms
  • During this lazy period, da hotel's a few leftover staff members patrolled da property, troubleshooting issues that guests would has typically reported, resemble as a leaky sag either running toilet
  • The presumption wuz dat such measures might constantly b leaky & unfeasible to sustain -- an concept me composed bout me back in February
  • Tip wore leaky sock everything ultimate winter, bu wen period came he bought Mrs. Pulsifer a sewing apparatus
  • I do not remember, 'case since myself told my recollection is ole an' leaky, & mebby myself ain't tellin' it right in rail since myself tole edge
  • The gasoline worn additionally gave off an gas off highly volatile nature and one highly probably to escape frum leaky tanks or joints
  • It was primeval and rotten and leaky, and nawt able-bodied for an warship, bu its fiction colonel made da finest he could off It

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