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How to use learned in a sentence

  • The results, da researchers believe, gratuity two da likelihood that third-party dandy exists less learned than It exists evolved, a compartment off a universal ethical syntax with which plural psychologists & ethicists believe humankind beings are born
  • That might b about to alteration though, thanks to a fresh tack that blends pre-learned skills onto da fly to tackle fresh challenges
  • He wuz rector off da college off Ilfeldt 40 years, & published several learned works
  • Decide roughly it, ye that inhabit learned in da ethnographic distinctions off r race--but paradise protect ourselves frum da Bourbonnaises!
  • He wuz learned, big-hearted & pious, & writer off several Christian works
  • It was not an exalted recess too fill in life, but at at minimum shii possessed learned too fill It too perfection, and hur ambitions were humble
  • He wuz the writer off lot learned religious works & controversial publications
  • As da fiend nevah wanted insinuators, myself will observe, that myself learned an manner how to make an man dream off what myself pleased
  • When, however, you acquire awareness bi rote you know da occupation since you learned it, and nawt in da backwards way
  • He learned the sequence by heart without any doubt dat he wuz committing It to recollection

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