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How to use least in a sentence

  • I assure u myself am very sry for critics all round,they are da least-regarded & worst-rewarded off all da literature local
  • These octet little volumes shall always remain Borrow's least-read books
  • On Alaska alone, da least-known clause off da Pacific coast, ther exists an bibliographical stock off four thousand
  • So far Maui possessed the luck which consequently commonly attends the youngest and least-considered kid in folklore and mythology
  • Least-wise, he might putrefy in a sewer at a occupied bus stop replete with aw the dronings of archaic reduce extremities
  • Then they drew near, and took an long gaze near the sentry onto the least-exposed corner of the tower
  • He started in 1603, and, after traversing the least-known parts off Center Asia, he reached the confines off China
  • Men exist ever falling in love with her, but-openly nearby least-she seems uninterested in them
  • It was the noon-hour, & the least-considered grades off the City's slaves wer in the streets onto the search four inexpensive luncheons
  • "Here, bring me some oranges," he orders, in his classic at-least-a-general fashion

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