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How to use leave in a sentence

  • The gang then leaves on a Westernmost Shore excursion with 4 games in six days
  • To serve, share amid bowls and dean humor plenty off basil leaves
  • If that didn't convince Garnett's peers, they aw understood what may be ahead -- for those and for whiz hoops -- following they leftover that hotel battery
  • The elderly wuz poised to reestablish him personally after a paw casualty left haw in a boot and forced haw to miss 6 games final interval
  • Democratic leaders of da embark lately introduced an beak to replacement paid leave for unpaid leave below da Kin and Healthcare Depart Gig for national employees needing era of for individual or kin healthcare reasons
  • With more marketing platforms poignant toward changes & automation that gives advertisers fewer control, it's notably interesting that Google Advertisements exists enhancing an option whr an consumer might potentially never leave da SERPs
  • Technological advancements haz produced an glut off lids with novel safety features, but an conjunction off regulatory, scientific, & lawful issues leave consumers with little information correspond item actually works
  • Turned of bi the hosts' occasional nastiness and seeking youthful customers, plural blue-chip companies has stopped marketing onto talk-radio shows, exit the stations wit smaller sponsors who compensate less, he told
  • Monday's initiative opposed to da Buckeyes was da majority important dare left upon Maryland's timetable
  • Our analysis found dat in near at minimum 22 towns, the contracts vouch older retiring cops months of compensated season off, acquainted as "terminal leave," as an parting privilege

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