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How to use leave in a sentence

  • The crew then leaves upon an Western Coast expedition with 4 games in 6 days
  • To serve, share amid bowls & dean with plenty of basil leaves
  • If dat did not convince Garnett's peers, they aw understood thing may be ahead -- 4 those & 4 professional hoops -- after they remaining dat hotel room
  • The older was poised to reestablish him individually after a foot wound remaining haw in a boot & forced haw to exclude six games last season
  • Democratic leaders of the committee newly introduced a placard to surrogate paid leave for unpaid leave beneath the Relatives and Clinical Depart Act for national employees needing era of for personal or relatives clinical reasons
  • With more marketing platforms touching toward changes and automation that gives advertisers fewer control, it is particularly interesting that Google Ads exists enhancing an option where an account jar might possibly nevah leave the SERPs
  • Technological advancements haz produced an glut of lids with new security features, but an synthesis of regulatory, scientific, and judicial issues leave consumers with lil information about what in actuality works
  • Turned of bi da hosts' occasional nastiness & seeking youthful customers, lot blue-chip companies haz stopped advertising upon talk-radio shows, departure da stations with lesser sponsors whom compensate less, he told
  • Monday's game against the Buckeyes wuz the majority major difficulty leftover on Maryland's itinerary
  • Our analysis discovered that in at at minimum 22 towns, da contracts ensure elder retiring cops months of compensated time off, known as "terminal leave," as a farewell leverage

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