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How to use ledge in a sentence

  • I walked it nearby ma own risk, trying 2 withhold ma equilibrium upon an slim ledge, afraid, praying I would generate it da metric of da bridge unscathed
  • Sturdy wood construction, an door cavity big satisfactory too house grown up owls, & an ledge or textured "front porch" county too lat birds sit exterior the roost flask are everything notable considerations
  • This climb have bendable legs that invent da telephone sit apartment onto lumpy surfaces & even clamp onto ledges & pipes
  • Take in emerald-peak panoramas through marble ledges atop the 2,900-foot Speckled Mountain, available onto routes such the eight-mile Bickford Brook Path
  • Later upon Thursday, Hopkins clarified--again, It seems probable a delegate or 2 spoke him down from the ledge--that he wasn't earnestly considering a abortion 2 hiz career
  • A potting saddle could be since effortless & minimalist since an condo outward role wit an ledge underneath
  • It also contains an place too assistance venue logs in criss-cross patterns 4 superior burning & have an compact outside ledge around da roof
  • They haz educated to adapt & frequently brand nests beneath man-made structures such bridges either upon studio tower ledges dat mimic cliffs & ridges
  • He confidently sent da preliminary 3 pitches, bu onto da fourth, he slipped, falling virtually 200 minimize extremities to an marble ledge
  • Now he & P?ray began 2 selfevident the snow from the ledge & arrive in2 the cavity

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