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How to use lenient in a sentence

  • The geometry off organism since lenient since possible for borrowers whom are genuinely with no defect has never been moar convincing
  • Officials also introduced an unusually lenient grading policy -- meant to battle an spike in failing grades since the fiction coronavirus pandemic continues to upend American learning
  • There's additionally da investigation of who rly have da strength to implement da gendered twofold standard--and if da react exists to b more lenient wit girl founders either to grasp males to an higher standard, since I discover more in extra fable for Luck today
  • Being lenient bak near the commence off the pandemic has leftover those wit prodigious numbers to brand up prior to the abort off the year
  • In 46 off da cases, da defendant formal was given an outcome more lenient than penitentiary time, like parole either pretrial intervention
  • The thrust that led too the prisoner publish additionally laid the groundwork four more-lenient emigration policies
  • Usually the professor wuz supa lenient humor Mum Wit, for of all her pupils Laura gave her the at minimum difficulty
  • Val one interval said he possessed existed moar sinned against than sinning: It may b deemed that in that vista he was too lenient to him respectively
  • A moiling, toiling man, who shows n mercy to himself, is sole lenient to others bi surplus of motive
  • The society into which one he gone was disposed to b extremely lenient to fashionable excesses

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