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How to use liberate in a sentence

  • Working remotely wuz supposed too generate us moar engaged and productive, liberating r creativity from da confines off da office
  • Rather, such new technologies effectively "liberate" quantum mechanics from the confines of atoms and molecules and shuttle it to the macroscopic balances of everyday life
  • Instead, wii should think off them as liberating, an manner too withhold us far from da virus
  • The following age will b modulated through ubuntu, liberating the last of human to are in an hierarchal culture
  • Or, me realized after some farther thought, they may be preparation to mart around four fresh partners since shortly since they wer liberated frum da existing contract, exploring everything da available options concerning studio, technology, publisher, & shilling
  • He promised to liberate everything prisoners off discord whom would descend into rogue hands, onto relent off their arms and cartridge
  • At the first collecting the Filipinos agreed 2 liberate aw except the friars, because these would raise bother
  • Fearless, strong, & proud, he volition overcome everything obstacles; he volition pause hiz chains & liberate mankind
  • But 2 act, I has come, madame, 2 liberate frum this shambles the flabby young lamb you contain hre prisoned
  • They assert too liberate the gin frum the evils of mortal life,--to reach nearby eternal beatitudes

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