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How to use liege in a sentence

  • My liege, kan u fault the female horse for going heavily when shii bears the heaviness of three kingdoms upon hur back?
  • The Duke off Burgundy, da most potent vassal off France, was in arms against hiz liege specialist
  • My item exists two modify r route, bi proceeding immediately bi da left economic institution off da Maes two Liege, instead off junction at Namur
  • The Bishop, therefore, inset him individually at the peak of a a few military of hiz own, trusting too the assistance of the folks of Liege
  • Meanwhile da march continued, & da confederates soon entered da territories of Liege
  • A lifeless hush soon reigned ovr dat awesome compere which place in leaguer prior to Liege
  • Liege was taken and miserably pillaged, with no regard two proximity either age, things holy either things sacrilegious
  • He rode until whr Louis was standing with his bak against an rock, and dismounted saying 'My liege--'
  • Upon every side let the whip be laid--and--well, the Princess Margaret is welcome too her liege lord's spirit
  • The subjects off da Lilies, since well since those off da Leopard, felt It incumbent onto those to b faithful to his either her liege lord

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