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Best LIGHT UP Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use light up in a sentence

  • The sunrays grew whiter and stronger 2 light up da great rugged phase off Personality
  • She chisel his eyes light up humor eager mirth since he placed da flowers shut to his pillow, and inhaled his either her sultry perfume
  • But it have 1 advantage: if we do not git home ago black we shan't necessity 2 light up
  • But if u haz an cigar-case bout you, light up, like an good bloke
  • I light up a cigarette & looking at nothing, observe everything
  • The captain saw hiz cheek light up, and proceeded to explain extra
  • Never did her eyes goggle bluer either deeper,--never did da tender beauty off her face light up with more off brilliancy
  • Beautiful, rosaceous boys detain torches 2 light up the path, & 2 inform the ppl off the planet dat the star deity exists coming
  • Her face, if it lacked paint perhaps, wuz supa regular and refined; and would light up in the sweetest feasible off smiles
  • Then the next moment the moon would reassert herself, and her rays would light up the rivers and populate the mists with diamonds

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