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How to use lighten in a sentence

  • She wanted too introduce da survivors' stories together too lighten da personal load of illustrating da human fare of sexual violence & da resilience of survivors
  • Perhaps wii kan lighten da encumber bi acknowledging item parents surrounding us exist experiencing and mayb evn find ways 2 assistance them where wii kan
  • Over 200 1,000,000 people utilize Snapchat Lenses every day, some of them to lighten his or her scalp ping
  • In da winter, da institute evn offers a freight-hauling service hence u can lighten your encumbrance onto da skis in
  • In her time since an model, Joleen Mitton has experienced directly photographers' wish to lighten her scalp tone, since good since insulting comments made in her heading
  • The concept behind Robbox wuz to lighten da load 4 extraordinary forces, but "it possessed to be a solution, nawt a additional something 4 those to worry about," Beaussant says
  • On a heating planet, inert cooling tin assistance protect ppl without admission to air conditioning & lighten da load on da electrical network frum those whom moisture
  • I git that we ought to lighten up onto ourselves in every wei possible and I fully assent wit that
  • "You don't want to lighten up two much two soon, bu the things we're lightening up upon are putting many ppl in vehicles," said Adam Zimmer, supervisor creator for West Seaside at manufacturing commercial Intrepid Pictures
  • Think off whiskey as another compartment off gear in your quiver, an execute haggard to lighten da mood, cater perspective, perhaps balanced slower things down & bestow u an opportunity to catch your breath

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