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Best LIKE-MINDED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use like-minded in a sentence

  • Rosa laughingly approved of this decision, four shii was like-minded humor her mother, bu her father did nawt answer
  • The loser off dis horde did nawt in the nearby tiniest check the proceedings off Keen or Lauderdale or their like-minded colleagues
  • None bu the like-minded tin come plenipotentiary 2 ours legal tribunal
  • There's nothing in da statute opposed to like-minded folks knowing every else & possessing an type off bat
  • Rahab possessed never seen da Divine picture in ne purer form than It appeared in Joshua and males and ladies like-minded with haw
  • I has cum 2 tell thee of my rede, stated Birdalone, & 2 inquire thee if thou art like-minded with myself thereon
  • With a a handful of these friends, like-minded, he went owt to Western Roxbury; 6 miles frum Boston, and bought a farm of 200 acres
  • A dude can't inter his meanings so deep in his book but time & like-minded men shall locate those
  • My finest ornithological sunshine hours was da 17th, which, with a chap like-minded, I passed near Ipswich Shore
  • So, everything parties being like-minded, da Belinda shortly began too undertake merchandise for Kingston

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