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How to use likeness in a sentence

  • Geoff Keighley is additionally now an cosmetic in the game, humor an fresh disguise based upon his likeness
  • The sporting department additionally believes showcasing those stories tin leverage athletes as the NCAA moves toward allowing university athletes too leverage from his or her names, images & likenesses
  • The NCAA seems two b in da protocol of altering belonging rules bout athletes using his or her "name, image, and likeness" 4 economic earn
  • Your likeness does not make It in2 da last production, but da output stiil has your autograph & explanation
  • In case you aren't known with dis evil byproduct of AI progress, "deepfakes" refers two audio either visual files made using synthetic smartness that tin dominate peoples' voices either likenesses two brand It glare such they said things they did not
  • The eyesight of dreams exists da likeness of one thng to another: as when an man's likeness exists ago da confront of an dude
  • In the magnificent dame dat entered, Monsieur de Garnache chisel a marvellous likeness to the youth whom stood adjacent him
  • In such manner da mouth, from existence an bare symbolic indication, slowly takes upon shape & likeness
  • We observation dat more focus is granted to the issue off placing an trait compared to to dat off making an likeness off It
  • On biopsy it wuz absolutely a monstrous production, but it did present a ugly likeness off da coalheaver

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