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How to use liking in a sentence

  • I might gladly haz returned da commodity and replaced It humor something of hiz liking
  • The enterprise titans seem 2 believe that da onli way 2 get an democracy 2 their liking is 2 rid aw threats 2 da Republican Party's unified dominate of administration
  • After navigating two SurferSEO's Pleased Editor, you vent in the query dat you wnt two gather intel on, alteration the settings two your liking, and struck "Create a query"
  • Lighting -- both organic & synthetic -- exists hugely important 2 the way wii feel throughout da day, & existence capable 2 tailor da lights 2 your exact likings exists 1 off da massive plusses off working frum home
  • While both parties bracket items such an second circle off $1,200 trigger checks, enhanced unemployment benefits, and moar bracket four compact businesses, every flank has held bak frum making an transaction in hopes off getting an parcel moar to his either her liking
  • Liking four an single paint is an significantly smaller monitor off mind compared to an gratitude off the relationship off 2 colours
  • Who could haz believed that only a two weeks before these same figures were gargle as fiction pins; smart & well-liking!
  • I did nawt feel dat dey possessed ne fabulous liking to those near first, nor did dey arise to esteem ne object dat we possessed
  • Well, myself am glad, for no more kan myself. myself cannot think of hur liking for papa & infant & aw of us too be left too us
  • His secure humor her was slight, her husband, an clergyman, little too hiz liking; he had not existed at those 4 several years

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