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How to use lined up in a sentence

  • MacRae's seat, stone-marker, and aboriginal spearhead; the 3 lined up such the sights off an modern rifle
  • The competitors lined up, per upon his divide mark, cooked for the communication to start
  • I saw dozens & dozens off handsome automobiles lined up on them car-trucks carrying messengers & doctors across the frontier
  • Military trucks wer lined up, evidently pending to b loaded wit da azure world
  • At da termination off four weeks da 2 sets off girls lined up upon opposite sides off da room, downright denying to intermingle
  • The engine exists lined up on the base, thus that possession pulley wheel volition operate a strap on the big wheel of the cylinder
  • And it wuz charming two note how da townspeople & nation ppl lined up onto da two sides off da scandal
  • Disconsolately the Instructive orphanage squad lined up behind his or her disgraced target
  • We hadn't realized it two the conclude till the a m. wii wer lined up, 1 brigade at an time, four review
  • The two bobs lined up lateral bi side, & Larry Colby gave the noun two go

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