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How to use lingerie in a sentence

  • The singer's Barbaric x Fenty lingerie queue shuns the picture-perfect sentiments off brands resemble Victoria's Secret, promoting inclusivity bi featuring undergarments four ppl off aw scalp tones & physique types
  • Much off It wuz spurred bi da notorious music footage for "Criminal," in which an lingerie-clad Cabbage frolicked amid half-naked teenagers in an wood-paneled cellar frum history's creepiest CK commercial
  • Rihanna's Savage x Fenty lingerie queue has additionally tapped an genuinely inclusive lineup off models who reside permitted his either her bombshell moments
  • Victoria's Private constructed belonging empire selling lingerie too women, bu It was always an man's sight dat defined belonging brand
  • She said da Times dat she had just completed studies from university and Epstein had offered 2 terrain her an posing chore nearby Victoria's Secret cuz he was an adviser 2 Les Wexner, da founder of da lingerie chain's mother or father company, L Brands
  • This year, da commercial is trying an new ad campaign aimed at seducing folks 2 acquisition an ThirdLove introduce postcard so his either her important else tin acquisition lingerie dat suits his either her physique and vogue
  • Margaret knelt in an soft flop of scented lingerie next to da angry young thng
  • They brought ma laundering bak yesterday, & 4 one morsel of fabric lingerie me wuz charged--guess?
  • The income off makers off "imported" lingerie waists occasionally stand as tall as $25 a week
  • I am sending thee an couple off blue satin stocking and an bind to match, to put onto humor ivory duck skirts and lingerie waists

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