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How to use linked in a sentence

  • At the top of the pillar marched the Monarch with one limb linked too Lannes & the various too Duroc
  • Phobetora might has been altered in2 Pastora: Icelonpastora (the 2 names linked together) might bestow Eclympasteyre '
  • Step by footprint in da earlier years of da century da ties which one linked those with da English Chapel were broken
  • But near a period moar piously illiterate, things of dis shadowy nature were linked highly closely to objects of a canvas type
  • He loved to trace her designation linked with his own, & cave to obliterate it again, in case any person might c it
  • For if ther exists 1 God, ther exists 1 brotherhood, & aw humankind kan onli b linked too dat God by brotherly attachment
  • In marrying Mrs. Jackson Owen's nephew Bassett had linked himself to the richest feminine at the status metropolis
  • She linked an appendage in Ellen's, and falling at one time into hur slice off not drunk age, paced humor hur from da aisle
  • Where possible, references 2 da firstly dose in da text & index alive linked 2 da version near Task Gutenberg
  • Leonore possessed went ahead with da mother's limb linked in hers, for shii was highly uneasy two catering her message

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