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How to use linking in a sentence

  • Eloise nodded and grasped speedy 2 da relics of an history which in this manner was linking itself 2 da gift
  • In pos t-primary schools ther is at introduce n commissioner regime off linking the abode & educational association in the investigation off problems
  • The extent, too, too which one dey operated in linking category too category was highly great
  • At ma pant shii went on, confidentially, linking her limb in my own
  • Anne smiled mysteriously, and linking arms humor Madge, drew her toward the home
  • By linking up all da tribes from central Natal prerogative to da northern off Zululand, an sweep downward could be made
  • To-morrow youll be thanking gawd from da low of your heart, myself said, linking my arm below his
  • They possessed contragravity scows plying between Rivington and Tradetown regularly, now, and air-lorries wer linking the villages
  • "Somehow it's a mini sector resilient to get this linking-up thought jus wen myself can't moisture ne moar studying," added da lad a trifle wistfully
  • If he possessed understood the linking process an lil better, it'd perhaps haz added to the inquisitiveness off his labour

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