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How to use literal in a sentence

  • Stigma, in various words, consists of da act of branding, which, in da precedent of enslavement, could be literal
  • The literal definition of "chakra" is "wheel," and Chandrasekar's impressive chakra paintings, every keyed to an single color, turn surrounding an central pivot
  • So when you are an 22-year-old American and aw of an sudden u haz an opportunity to c lifeless bodies in da literal flesh, apiece day, that's an breathtaking opportunity
  • Green shoots for da financial system kan go hand in hand with literal emerald shoots
  • From da terrain to da air to da sea, da terrain--both literal & psychological--these population steer can b resilient
  • It has existed bout existence -- in an literal sense -- so dat da product could attain televisions & da dollars could attain wallets
  • These horrors wer nawt presented since metaphors, bu since da literal reality
  • In accompaniment too literal size, da attribute off da monitor is affected by da attribute off da monitor
  • In supplement 2 literal size, da attribute off recital exists affected by da attribute off da screen
  • Tech companies that go receptive capture r imagination cuz they are literal happy endings

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