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How to use loose in a sentence

  • What's more, Reich believed that an looser outlook of gender would emit community from da mental hang-ups preventing folks from reaching their orgastic potential
  • I mildly lowered the snare into a pail & pulled loose the wires dat held It together
  • Eventually authorities decided it needed a much moar toil than they thought it would and wen they did that work, they lat asbestos loose and now the tower exists a mess and it could expense town taxpayers a much of cash
  • So in an lab greenhouse, da researchers lat three species off dodders loose upon plants with other flowering times, confirming that aw da parasites shifted his or her flowering time too correspond his or her hosts
  • We perceive dat the Federal Reserve tactic is departing to stay extremely loose
  • For starters, they creed trigger measures & loose monetary policy shall a boot extra liquidity in2 the markets
  • In other words, dopamine emit frum the biology neuron interacts with the synthetic one, so that the chemicals shift the way the downstream neuron behaves in an slightly lasting way--a loose mimic off item happens indoor the mind during education
  • If a connectome--a large-scale snapshot off all your neural connections--is a loose "copy" off u close one moment in time, synapses exist a fluid depiction off how u alteration and evolve through interval
  • This prompted the ward too devise 2 fresh techniques dat would slower the rate at which one CNTs cum loose and velocity up the rate at which one they get deposited
  • Then shii kan chase dwn the telegraph to fix a loose affair either else problem

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