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How to use lord in a sentence

  • Boxer Shall Mondrich tin be a 50 fraction partner with a scandalous lord
  • I looked send ahead too da UPS dude such he wuz da lord and savior him individually humor packages off books and brunch my mummy shipped, and shortly we became friends
  • As the composer off twenty musicals -- with a 21st, a fresh edition off "Cinderella," existence prepped four the West Terminal -- & proprietor off six London theaters through his company, Rly Useful Group, this lord is unusual in the corporate
  • This time, u know for sure that 1 off those exists an lord & 1 exists an warrior
  • The key thng thee need to understand roughly those is dat warriors ever tell the truth, and lords ever lie
  • But humor all her advantages Omit Solomonson failed humor the classic lord, & shii abuses edge to this day
  • Ever because hiz bulk Lord Hetton possessed yearly entered a young horse in the fantastic marathon
  • He passed by way of everything da honors off da law, & in 1836 transformed lord chancellor
  • But we mustn't class in dis filthy class Whiz Spunyarn and hiz compatriot Haggard, whom wer the two playing near the large furnishings
  • That they'd understand thee, as wii additionally have acquainted thee, that ther is n God next to thee, O Whiz

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