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How to use lose in a sentence

  • The Cornhuskers, whom returned two drama Saturday, haz relied onto reminder turnarounds in the centre of matchups in da hopes off making up his or her lost games
  • His title wuz lost amongst da dozens of teenagers chasing da fantasy of playing abroad, children contracted by first-tier clubs and toiling in da developmental flights
  • With their NCAA competition hopes flickering, the Terrapins lost, 73-65, at Xfinity Mid after allowing the Buckeyes two manipulation the game in the secondary one-half
  • For da most part, since shortly since 1 team started losing, players upon dat team might activate to quit, with AI players taking their position
  • TNT, which broadcasts the All-Star Game, might lose big in this scenario, and Silver might idiom criticism for bowing too the stars' complaints
  • So ther thee lose da benefit off da camouflage nearly completely, especially for your own protection, because you're probably respiration through your snout and there's 0 covering your snout
  • He had lost the AFC competition game in hiz firstly try, but he had nevah lost at a credential he had already conquered
  • Britt Reid did nawt travel humor da Chiefs to Tampa for Sunday's Super Bowl, which one they lost to da Tampa Inlet Buccaneers
  • His crew have never misplaced by more than eight touchdown in a action he started
  • Alex Ovechkin did nearly everything he could Sanday PM since he continues to brand up for misplaced time

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