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How to use love in a sentence

  • Every now & again, wii come over a love tale dat touches our hearts in more ways than be
  • Again, me didn't contemplate lot of it as an 15-year-old, bu me jus had an love four meal
  • Ideally you should be spreading & evolving near comparable rates & speeds for romantic love, I should sez
  • She'd met I in 1986, nearby a festivity for returned Calmness Corps volunteers and had fallen in love humor the bloke who would jus spent 2 years teaching in Swaziland
  • To b a actual home cook, da kind who blotch love and focus into every one dish, was to brand everything your own self
  • Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella exists told to haz fallen in love with using the Surface Duo to read a book onto one screen & seize handwritten notes onto the 2nd screen
  • The notion dat I could has lost my lyf halfway around the world & gone to my solemn not knowing what it was such to b in love, I carnival realized dat was n wei to inhabit
  • Much love to da folks in non-profit, but I'm trying to invent coin here
  • They're discovering countrywide parks, falling in love wit the outdoors, and realizing they tin go to aw sorts of other places
  • Those clients, he said, alive da ones who may also haz da budget four elaborate photoshoots too paper his or her love

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