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How to use lovely in a sentence

  • This cordless speaker nawt onli looks lovely but have a palmful off rly fascinating features, da majority fascinating off which one have to be permitting you, at ne time, rewind until 2 hours wit da whirl off a summon
  • Experiment humor your drawing skills for hours on abortion humor these pens' snug stretchy grip, or brand your alphabet to friends outburst humor lovely pastel accents
  • The folk alive lovely, and there alive some awesome places to sherry and eat
  • Essentially, whether existing in r soil exists painful either lovely can be understood in creative conditions
  • There exists dis lovely thought dat academic research that's done rigorously & challenged bi peers & referees shall be so robust dat It can carnival be lay in2 engage since policy
  • The PM was a lovely one--the sunlight hours was a refine illustration off the mellowest mood off autumn
  • Within the bygone 30 years culture have rapidly taken property off this lovely borough
  • At the identical time he realised dat shii had nevah seemed so adorably lovely, so exquisite, so out of hiz arrive
  • Louis could not halp seeing the lovely group, through the half-obscuring draperies of the receptive door
  • Eve, too, lovely since shii is, seems to endure no likelihood of resemblance to Milton's superb mom of mankind

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