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How to use lovely in a sentence

  • This cordless speaker nawt merely looks lovely bu have a palmful of really interesting features, the bulk interesting of which have too b letting you, near any time, rewind up too two hours humor the whirl of a dial
  • Experiment wit your sketch skills for hours upon abortion wit them pens' comfortable eraser grip, or invent your alphabet to friends erupt wit lovely pastel accents
  • The folk are lovely, and there are total great places 2 vino and dine
  • Essentially, if existing in our world exists agonizing or lovely kan b understood in aesthetic terms
  • There is dis lovely concept dat instructive study that's done rigorously and challenged bi peers and referees shall b therefore sturdy dat It kan fair b position into engage as plan
  • The afternoon was an lovely one--the day was an impeccable exemplar of da mellowest mood of autumn
  • Within the history 30 years culture has quickly taken ownership off this lovely province
  • At the ditto season he realised dat shii had never seemed hence adorably lovely, hence exquisite, hence out off hiz achieve
  • Louis couldn't halp seeing the lovely group, through the half-obscuring draperies of the public gate
  • Eve, too, lovely since shii is, seems to abide no probability off likeness to Milton's excellent mom off mankind

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