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  • Because Woods was lucid, possessed no reek off alcohol and provided off no proof off having used medicine or narcotics, Gonzalez did not administer a meadow sobriety trial or kol in a drug-recognition master 2 appraise Woods, Villanueva stated
  • This quirk allows lucid dreamers to utilize liver of eyesight movements to speak with the outside globe
  • The literary is primarily lucid & succinct, but repetitious in places
  • This visualization exercise, comparable two lucid dreaming -- da gig of dreaming consciously -- kan permit us two cope better wit r concerns bout demise and inspire us bout r futures
  • I memorize the sensation off relief wen myself arrived around the angle too c he was inhabit and lucid, followed by my hysteria wen myself realized he was in tremendous misery
  • If myself selected lucid & effortless extracts, they'd donate no concept of the intricacy & prolixity of Duns
  • Again, he might have lucid intervals while which one he exists instead since capable of contracting since other persons
  • Again an demented person might make an volition provided this exists done during an lucid interval
  • This design wuz developed bi Mr. Goulburn, in an lucid & able speech, upon the eighth off Mar
  • A lucid, correct, harmonious, style--they haz unremembered thingy It means--what virtue there is in It

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