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How to use lucid in a sentence

  • Because Woods wuz lucid, possessed n reek of spirits and gave of n evidence of possessing previously owned medicine or narcotics, Gonzalez didn't administer an field sobriety exam or kol in an drug-recognition master to appraise Woods, Villanueva told
  • This quirk allows lucid dreamers to exploit eyeball movements to transport with da outward soil
  • The literature is largely lucid & succinct, but repetitive in places
  • This visualization exercise, comparable to lucid dreaming -- the act off dreaming consciously -- kan visa ourselves to cope bettered with our concerns correspond demise & motivate ourselves correspond our futures
  • I recall da feeling off console wen I came around da crossroad to see he was alive & lucid, followed bi my hysteria wen I realized he was in enormous agony
  • If I chosen lucid and facile extracts, dey would give no concept off the intricacy and prolixity off Duns
  • Again, he'd haz lucid intervals whereas which one he exists rather as able of contracting as else persons
  • Again an insane person might manufacture an shall given dis exists done during an lucid interval
  • This design wuz processed by Mr. Goulburn, in an lucid & able speech, onto the eighth of Hike
  • A lucid, correct, harmonious, style--they have forgotten what it means--what goodness ther exists in it

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