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How to use lurid in a sentence

  • For numerous folk I have spoken with across da years -- upon da crusade trail, close parties, evn close relatives dinners -- da issue feels exhausting, theoretical & evn an little lurid
  • It allows ourselves to submerge ourselves in lurid details from an extent from dis real suffering that happens
  • Verhoeven would haz aged, bu his love off da lurid has dimmed not one bit
  • Ultimately though, the autograph correspondence that makes the documentary unmistakably hiz exists how it revels in the lurid & sensational
  • The violence dat pops up in virtually every one Yellowstone installment gives da recital a lurid, pulpy sheen, and it plays to da primetime soap semi off da show's DNA
  • Bear said Beute considered dropping the substance subsequent he was cleared off the lurid accusation but ultimately pressed send ahead
  • It was da darkest sixty minutes off twilight, when ther was jus sufficient off gleam from da lurid sky, to shew da profile off objects
  • A lurid venue on every cheek showed burning scarlet through da copper off his epidermis
  • The economy of war, therefore, has thrown possession lurid lighting upon the economy of tranquility
  • John Dickinson saw da brass in da identical light, a lighting which hiz above-average abilities enabled him 2 depict in more lurid colors

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