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How to use luring in a sentence

  • Verizon exists battling AT&T and T-Mobile, possession 5G rivals, to victory ovr consumers wit da lure of much swifter downloaded data speeds
  • In the depths of hiz being, downstairs a immense horizon, shone joy, luring rim forward and brightening since it did hence
  • By luring an Gern cruiser hre and then taking It far-off frum them
  • There was an booth-theatre fitted up, & luring da folk to its dingy emerald linen cage
  • Now It exists nawt two be presumed, dat hence luring a activity since cards would has existed omitted in da enumeration, possessed dey existed in apply
  • Annesley made no disapproval to Knight's pattern for luring the journalist into hiz "trap," which was a innocuous 1
  • A luring murmur whr the laurels ferment Wiles ma cardiovascular liver back two woodland-ward agn
  • Luring wit promises never intended for performance, u took myself frum an home, the supa refuge of peace!
  • And Dad is an facultative captive of his charms, evn luring him frum me upon long, companionable walks
  • Her final lyrics wheel in ma ears; hur final smile is ma beacon, ma sole laser of hope, luring I upon toward an happier future

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