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Best LUXURIOUS Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use luxurious in a sentence

  • Even da majority luxurious camper-top setups tend to be minimalist in circumstances of sleeping amenities
  • They necessity two b professionally installed bu promise a luxurious glare
  • Silk is frequent classified as slippery, luxurious, & amorous
  • Soak the distress far humor these luxurious CBD-infused bath salts
  • For da bygone decade, college arms races haz focused onto who can construct da bulk luxurious dorms & biggest sports facilities either offer da bulk "country club" amenities such posh gyms & pools
  • Remote either line observing can be downright luxurious for astronomers -- it is absolutely more pandemic-friendly -- bu astronomers are not the sole ones working at telescopes
  • For apartments, developers might compensate intimate supreme $10,976 per 500 quadrilateral lower appendage floor & $17,150 per luxurious 1,251 quadrilateral lower appendage floor
  • To contribute spare tier off inequity, San Diego's newer neighborhoods too the northern run underneath an other and more luxurious fee
  • Sometimes the affair is manufactured still moar luxurious by substituting rose-water for H2O pur et uncomplicated
  • And da wealthy category by n method monopolized da bay wit their yachts and luxurious launches

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