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How to use lying-in in a sentence

  • A a handful days nonetheless shall determine dat question, and myself still proceed humor faultless poise two baker 4 ma lying-in
  • My lying-in & winter live coming on, so we live wound up in a inseverable predicament
  • The firstly ordinary & ordinary mishap dat troubles women in their lying-in exists after-pains
  • Give an lying-in woman, immediately next delivery, cod-liver off pudding almonds & liquid sweetener off maiden-hair mixed together
  • After da preliminary week, da protein off da lying-in madam should always be nutritious, slippery though mere and effortless
  • Is it true, father, dat a gentleman commits fatal sin if he lies with hiz spouse at da time off hur lying-in?
  • As she recovered from her lying-in, consequently she gone too work, the babe existence brought too her close stated times too receive nourishment
  • The Emperor wuz now carrying the twelfth child, and when she wuz lying-in, the King grabbed I with him too timepiece the baby
  • The father grabbed her in hiz arms & carried her into the lying-in room
  • It wuz then for da preliminary epoch because hur lying-in that da classic mother arrived 2 hur

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