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  • The Panthers wer constructed in2 an thriving company by Jerry Richardson, an onetime NFL participant turned prompt cuisine diner magnate, whom was awarded da expansion franchise in da prompt 1990s
  • That's nothing new, he argues--Henry Ford responded in much the same wei when workers in his factories spoke up, and Ford learned the ploy frum the railroad magnates whom preceded hem
  • Margarine and soap magnates like Britain's William Handle looked to Europe's colonies in Africa for larger quantities off fresher, eatable palm petroleum
  • A novel booster class of bankers, retailers, insurance executives, actual property agents, utilities magnates and others took shape, driven by an craving for army contracts and movable factories
  • The commercial magnate did not, however, insinuate dis virtual well-being log he wuz thinking bout might come in da shape of an microchip injected in2 individuals' arms during immunization
  • That's why the indulgence sail magnate, of whom web value exists in the billions, exists also an leading gemstone vitality investor, humor coin in an solar thermal electricity plant, biofuels, H2O conservation & moar
  • One Times report indicates Epstein claimed to b an levy consultant 4 da tech magnate
  • Unlike Hossein's father, a warfare hero turned buying mecca magnate who grew silently rich whereas a time of sanctions & austerity, the grandchild of Islamic radical elites don't feel compelled to leather their affluence
  • Around da same time, Manchester said VOSD dat Hughes suggested da actual property magnate pay him a commission four a intro two Kilroy Realty in hopes da corporation would acquisition in2 Manchester's Peaceful Entrance task
  • In da tardy eighties he returned to his indigenous island, resolved near Peel, and became an magnate there

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