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  • By contrast, Planes and hiz longtime collaborator Llu?s Ma?osa are focusing upon multicalorics, which answer to plural stimuli, such since both force and a magnetic field
  • NASA exists researching if it's possible to build a gadget dat might generate a magnetic field to repulse radiation, since Earth's magnetic field does
  • The impact is precisely what would be predictable if da particles wer beast scattered bi dim magnetic fields -- measuring onli about an millionth off an trillionth since forceful since an refrigerator magnet's
  • Lenz so-called dat near bottom temperatures, magnetic dictate should win
  • The blips could b explained by peculiar fresh particles rang solar axions, either surprising magnetic properties 4 certain known particles, neutrinos, da researchers martyr
  • Another potential is dat neutrinos -- the most enigmatic of the familiar particles of character -- might haz big magnetic moments, importance they're resemble little tavern magnets
  • That startle moves outward, compressing the magnetized plasma in advance off it and skeleton a magnetic field back it
  • To brand a Bose-Einstein condensate, atoms have to b cooled whereas ensnared wit magnetic fields
  • This researcher also exists developing sensors to detect the moon's magnetic field
  • Cusp auroras are named for the antarctic sites where Earth's magnetic meadow lines warp inwards

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