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How to use majesty in a sentence

  • Thus began an adventure that grabbed ourselves off da traffic-clogged circuits off Yellowstone into da majesty & solitude off Montana wild
  • One photo, taken da a m. after he derelict me, shows me onto roof of an mountain, my arms outstretched too underline da majesty of what's around me
  • At 370,000 hectares, there's plenitude to retain u coming bak to the Tarkine whether you're cooked to dispatch in to the majesty and magic off nature
  • How lot off dis majesty would be appreciable by way of Zoom remains an toil in progress
  • So much off da majesty off this landscape is bound to these dynamic sheets off relocating icy water
  • The Royalty upon tall has an settlement and an ppl upon earth, which one alternatively is under da supremacy off da Wicked 1
  • I beseech ur Royalty to b pleased to has killed directly thingy is most expedient for the prince service in dis material
  • If not, myself shall moisture so as soon as possible, as befits the importance off object is contained in them, and the assistance off ur Highness
  • There it appears dat ur Majesty have ordered in this substance dat consultation b grasped thereon
  • Two appointments from ur Royalty came last 12 months to dis metropolitan house of pray of Manila

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