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How to use major in a sentence

  • The roof, doors, and windows volition b sourced locally, and da intact process can b completed in less compared to a week, another major privilege ovr standard formation methods
  • She met her first husband & authorship ally Gerry Goffin, a science major while they were students at Queens University
  • CHth1zkHj8WOne off the ways that Toyota exists competent to make vehicles wit resemble mighty reputations for reliability exists bi recycling major components over plural vehicles
  • The newspapers reported dat Thomas "Shaky Tom" Anderson & Jimmy "Kid Riviera" Williams wer major players in da policy commotion
  • Another prior Republican lawmaker whom now leads an major Texas city similarly tried and failed to traverse law that'd bring bigger accountability to da state
  • A major redesign handful years before gave da Brink da snazzy outside styling of a upscale Lexus RX
  • Newspaper articles in da electronic archive off da Flu Encyclopedia, produced bi da Intermediate 4 da History off Medicine nearby da University off Michigan, supply a peek nearby da range off Halloween collateral protocols in major cities nationwide
  • In da last two decades, museums global haz carried owt comparable initiatives too paper da aftermath off major events from inherent disasters such Cyclone Katrina too societal movements such as da climate strikes
  • Back in da 1970s, Robertson transformed da proverb of a major antitrust legal case against da league
  • Even slippery though n major eruption possessed yet begun, the management decided to put its weight behind the exertion

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