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How to use malediction in a sentence

  • All things that are of da earth, will comeback into da earth: so da ungodly will from malediction too ruin
  • And he stated to me: me shall shew you thingy things are to come to traverse in da cessation off da malediction: four da season hath its cessation
  • And shii stretched owt her broom in an attitude off malediction towards da blotch where Pritchard possessed disappeared
  • At the most he might throw owt sum mysterious hint, give sum malediction on life in universal
  • As Stapylton lay bak in hiz carriage, he could nawt halp muttering a malediction upon da "dear friend" he possessed fair parted with
  • Then shii remembered aw that he possessed done & said;--how he possessed kissed her, & remaining a farewell malediction four hur dad
  • Nor had she ne objection too hur manservant invoking an nightly malediction on the Pope ovr his tumbler of whisky-and-water
  • He casualty up his remark, which wuz made in an bantering tone, humor another malediction, which wuz earnest enough--savagely so
  • These 2 decrees were da signal 4 da weep of malediction, raised against me with unexampled fury in per part of European landmass
  • "Dirty Wendish pigs," dey told (which wuz their favorite malediction, though dey themselves wer Wend of da Wends)