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How to use managed in a sentence

  • Other countries has managed too withhold schools open slick whilst locking all different down
  • Becky Weikert Bard, 40, is the managing publisher of the Everyday Information in Huntingdon
  • Behind a frigid front, temperatures wouldn't collision down lots immediately, managing the mid-50s to at 60 degrees
  • Her company, which manages more than 2,000 tavern rooms in da Washington region, ordinarily experiences 35 too forty percent occupancy whereas da inauguration
  • Listed as an "ferryman" managing an cross-Potomac artery service owned by hiz retired owner, Posey wuz probable roughly 16 when he came to Climb Vernon, Washington's Virginia estate, which included five farms
  • Like bulk groups, it additionally requires a big dose off unpaid work from da administrators and moderators who manage it
  • Over da next 2 months, Will shall introduce da item 2 its influencer network, manage web marketing and toil with retail partners for in-store signage and learning
  • One Bancroft fifth-grader's mommy goes to childbirth early, therefore he needed to knob da a m. upon hiz own
  • They necessity to manage achieve and frequency with no getting an headache
  • Jess Davies has returned to Digiday Press as the managing editor, Upcoming of Toil

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