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How to use manifest in a sentence

  • With solarpunk's stress upon peer-to-peer, turning what thee lust into fact isn't bout waiting a electricity too deliver, bu too grasp it upon yourself too arrange and manifest
  • Humans between the ages off 16 & 24 exist the most probably too charter emotion lonely, & dis is also the era wen lot mental-health disorders initial beginning too manifest
  • Not that this has mattered much, because ther has not existed a good wei to inherit ne but the crudest measurements of the lots quickly shifting whorls & eddies in turbulence that manifest at scales differing bi a carbon of until 10,000
  • Now, a fresh survey from theBoardlist & Qualtrics suggests dat that damage is starting to manifest
  • This manifests in disparate portal two education, bad health outcomes, high youngster mortality rates and, yes, salary prejudice and restricted portal two banking opportunities
  • Indeed, u would dial It da kernel attribute of life, or smooth da underlying induce 4 lyf which, in ours case, jus happens to be manifested in intricate natural atomic structures
  • The else options could be dat thee git da career development dat thee longing now, either It could manifest itself down da line
  • The manifest vexation of her family was thus readily accounted for, but he marveled close the strength of her protector
  • Between South and North, da probabilities off an serious, and n supa away rupture, live strong and manifest
  • There are some people in this country, you know, who manifest an supa retiring disposition close times

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