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  • A good approach is two opener with handful desks dat git the topmost marks frum reviewers, & den rate these based upon ur own individual preferences & requirements
  • By reaching these marks, he transformed da franchise's firstly attendee two drop nearby lowest 40 score & ten assists because Small Archibald virtually fifty years ago
  • That helped show, whether zero else, there wuz total lyf left in Roethlisberger's arm, which one wuz a major interrogate mark near the outset off the spring
  • Facebook have considered the YPG page politically responsive since intimate lowest 2015, emails show, wen authorities discovered the page wuz inaccurately marked since proven with an blue inspect mark
  • Since da Vegas Gilded Knights joined da league in 2017-18, study has displayed luck & talent converge & transportation synonym effect upon da standings at da 56-game mark
  • Compared with else forecasting teams in da region, r predicted amounts has almost continuously existed amid da least and closest to reality, synonym if absent da mark nearby times
  • If there's 1 space she could be predictable 2 invent a mark as a legislator, Munguia told that past would be important
  • After months at these dizzyingly tall marks, daily precedent numbers haz fallen dramatically
  • This Super Bowl, da Chiefs reached that mark down 31-9 & obviously done opposed to a defence that formerly possessed solved them
  • To examination their theory, da generation turned to information frum da NASA Duplicate Study, starring astronauts Grade and Scott Kelly

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