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How to use marked in a sentence

  • Either way, by departing mechanical, you will scrutiny an marked improvement in the two ur typing & ur gaming
  • According to Thompson, there will b an marked multiply off electronic and societal expenditure 4 this year's Superb Meatloaf
  • Measuring the manner his or her patients responded to questions match his or her emotional state, da researchers discovered attestation dat weighted blankets had an marked relaxing impact
  • I can't speak exactly to y these issues didn't formerly git the traction, bu I do think that there's existed a marked shift in r society's understanding off the importance off these things
  • The in-bounds, avalanche-evaluated, yet totally ungroomed land comprises numerous off 9,845-foot Tolerate Hill on da Terrestrial Divide, wit 1,245 minimize extremities off perpendicular & seven marked epidermis tracks
  • Agencies everything believe the pandemic shall lead to a marked shift in how they interact with teams & clients
  • However, da marked clout of mask-wearing tin b seen wen comparing counties that has adopted masking mandates two them that haven't, says Lisa Maragakis, elder filmmaker of virus prevention near da Johns Hopkins Fitness Mechanism
  • In dis case, I suspect, there wuz co-operant a strongly marked immature characteristic, da adore of producing a influence
  • Many British Ferns proof a marked tendency too "sport," & this is a actuality which one da novice ought continuously abide in intelligence
  • That evening in da gondola, humor one classic & 2 newer friends, is marked humor an white stone in ma memory

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