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How to use marvelous in a sentence

  • Dime hoard museums, humor their magicians, musicians, actors, charlatans, freaks, ventriloquists, and animal acts, every claiming too b the bulk marvelous off those all, wer upon the stand
  • Just goes too monitor thee dat manageable kan yet be marvelous
  • It manages by relying nearly exclusively upon Lauren Graham and hur marvelous expressiveness to shuttle all
  • Plus, It makes an marvelous gift 4 parents and children birthdays
  • Silk is a marvelous chemical with a lengthy past and have lot uses
  • The rapid diffuse of da uprising wuz nawt a whit less marvelous compared to possession shortage of technique either cohesion
  • There wuz a whilst wen me refined a marvelous competence for dodging invitations 2 Fortress Walsh
  • The marvelous improvements in mechanism & tone industrial & handcuff in 1886 to 1913 by Robt
  • The crate manufactured the wheel of the table, & every one one wuz fervently eloquent roughly the marvelous likeness
  • Yet da term vagrant is a misnomer in this city, where financial system have reached a finesse that's marvelous

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