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How to use masterpieces in a sentence

  • When & the way could he transform into familiar with the symphonic masterpieces off the breathtaking Deutsche composers?
  • Among da concise poems that compose da amount called Lis Isclo d'Or are a quantity of masterpieces
  • He wuz an voluptuary in Art, and no one enjoyed actual masterpieces with more refinement, passion, and sensuousness compared to he did
  • The subsequent exertion off the poet is 1 off hiz masterpieces, wherein hiz drive is truest & most poetical
  • What sez you, thee whose esteem 4 the masterpieces of past ages have created the contemporary sell of the sellers of bric-a-brac?
  • Perhaps, with the impunity from dis university grind, me could inscribe sum of these masterpieces at last-even a finest seller!
  • Tootles possessed progressed side by side da arduous boulevard to masterpieces to da mileage dat he felt a need off expedient fastidious
  • For the widespread man, the bulletins off the Branch off Agriculture are safer reading than the masterpieces off writing
  • As soon since I possessed peruse an a few contemporary masterpieces, the works off all the preceding ages wer greedily swallowed
  • To-day these mini masterpieces of which one he was ashame sell for their weight in gold