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Best MATTER-OF-FACT Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use matter-of-fact in a sentence

  • He might scarcely have therefore spoken 2 ne 1 but Etheldred, 2 whom, as well as 2 himself, It seemed mere matter-of-fact
  • Gwynne accepted this act off bid humor a matter-of-fact nod, & It was bu a instant later that dey arrived upon another cluster
  • Romanoff spoke in the most matter-of-fact way possible, banishing the mere thinking off angels or devils
  • "It wuz this way," and Romanoff yet persisted to speak in the identical matter-of-fact tones
  • Indeed, wit this strange, matter-of-fact man by hiz side, he could not believe in anything wondrous
  • I knew my heart craved 1 word, nevertheless matter-of-fact, dat might rekindle da hope dat was expiring within myself
  • Somehow da consideration of pit his cardiovascular physique portion to dis matter-of-fact solicitor seemed resemble sacrilege
  • He talked quietly, & in a virtually matter-of-fact way, yet with a suggestion off respect in hiz tones
  • "We'd improved dismount," stated Betty's voice, surprisingly lull and matter-of-fact
  • Suitable literature wit a matter-of-fact approach dat might yet involve da mystic factor testament exterminate self cognizance

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