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How to use meandering in a sentence

  • Our route next day by way of da slim byways of Dorsetshire was an meandering one
  • Of course, these caused moar either fewer meandering, bu in the abortion dey came to a spot whr Tolly Gratuity raised a dismay digit
  • Moreover, an auxiliary river was meandering overhead the table, making rapid breakthrough toward the rose-coloured fabric and tusk lace
  • Some woollens live woven plainly resemble linen; some live wide, some supa narrow, sewn together in strips, woven in meandering designs
  • The weather demands such, because da answer kan be nearly anything, a meandering spreading-of-weight kind of answer
  • The gorge wuz green and level, and an meandering stream formed lots lil lakes
  • Grain wuz actually meandering towards the East rather of touching by a lineal route
  • One gentleman, meandering in the Square, narrowly evaded dismemberment, & wuz lucky in getting off with a minor contusion
  • To the south-east is the far-famed Eppynt Forest, & dwn by way of an luxuriant sylvan dell runs the meandering Irvon
  • We discovered a new rivulet meandering dwn the volcano side, and a royal mattress off ferns, and 1 off two new specimens off lily

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