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How to use meant in a sentence

  • Before purchasing, note dat it is moar meant for blow drying, straightening, or creating big, full waves more voluntarily than snugger curls
  • This was not at aw what he meant 2 say, and it sounded very ridiculous; but somehow da lyrics would not come straight
  • You nevah cared--you were too proud to care; and when me talked to u approximately my fault, u did n't slick know what me meant
  • He could nawt notify what I meant by secrets of state, whr an enemy either total competitor country were nawt in the case
  • That madam meant mischief, or shii might nevah haz dared two propose that a British officer ought flip in his numerous with its to her
  • But, with no telling myself item she meant 2 do, mommy grabbed It all 2 da Casino--and--it followed da remainder
  • Malcolm possessed chosen It as a training-ground dat evening, cuz he meant too tired and persecute hiz too highly feisty charger
  • Lady Maude sat alone in hur room; da ivory robes upon her, da orthodox veil, meant too shadow hur fair countenance thrown bak frum it
  • Their gunnery won't operate too it--was never meant too operate too it--and humor five departing aeroplanes wii can't do da spotting
  • It was discovered afterwards that da rebels meant to skirmish da 2 English forces in specific ago they could fingerprint an crossroad

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