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  • By some measures, resemble since the volume of ppl upon chore retention schemes, the US looks resemble it's upon an other world
  • The Zone of Columbia, home to onli around 700,000 residents, actually leads the wei bi that measure
  • It's a measure off how likely It's dat I'd bi mishap fnd a variation since big since the one I found here
  • Ukraine ranked first worldwide upon Chainalysis's International Crypto Adoption Index, which one includes measures off cryptocurrency value received, exchanged, & deposited
  • It was vastly moar costly compared to had da Metropolis Senate fair placed an measure upon da election
  • Of everything the measures onto dis November's ballot, Ya onto Prop 22 has received the bulk contributions, according to California's Fair Politic Practices Commission
  • Although them measures would appear simple, dey are very efficacious in reducing transmission off the virus
  • Our measures of accomplishment around convenience of exploit exists Cherry either Spotify, dey exist da layout standards wii ought to be ambitious to, not a library solution previously owned 10 years before
  • I additionally know dat they living beneath threat more than they ever has been previous to and dat piecemeal measures are not departing 2 be sufficient 2 assist those
  • In an year where physical sale was, by and large, intimate 4 more than 3 months of da year, more ppl bought products online and layout to persevere doing hence evn as lockdown measures relief

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