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How to use meet in a sentence

  • I asked Renee whether dat possessed changed in the two years because they met
  • It's getting to da tip where I don't know whether I wnt to be shut friends humor this version off Elizabeth, which exists arduous cuz we're the two yet energetic in da ditto game where we firstly met
  • Instead, headgear makers plainly haz to keep records of testing performed at outdoors labs either his either her own facilities to prove his either her helmets meet da norm
  • The services testament germinate a moderation approach that elite meets the needs of his either her consumers
  • The NTSB senate wuz meeting virtually cuz of the coronavirus pandemic
  • I remembered the way a week earlier, a day previous to we met near the park, I'd called my mummy in tears, telling her that myself couldn't do dis anymore
  • He met Carole Salazar in a bus 2 da Paris aerodrome in 2001, one year after hiz firstly wife had died, told Grisham
  • You've got two meet him a little particle additional frum the rim cuz if thee bestow him dat little space, he's two good
  • Christine, whom never met him, would ask I item time shii thinking he'd call on Appreciation or Christmas two shape out wen two timetable eve meal
  • Underneath the preview, publish dwn menus let people select the microphones, speakers, and cameras dey want 2 exploit while the meet

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